Saturday, July 25, 2009

Six months already!

Tomorrow is my last day at Galerie Mouche on Cameron. I had taken this on temporarily while Melissa (of Mouche Mosaics) was
on maternity leave. I enjoyed having this space as everything that I create is never usually "displayed" by me in one place but rather over every area of my work area in various stages of completion. Also nice to meet people who are out and about visiting Hudson. Something I don't get to do while working at my home studio. Great news though, is that Ann Brisson who
has the furniture and objet's d'art part of Mouche will carry some of my jewelry and paintings to be displayed with her country furniture. So I am thrilled about that...

Stay tuned for postings about where I will be exhibiting next. At the moment, I can say for sure that I will be showing at
Whitlock Golf Club for the Christmas exhibition in mid November and always, 24 hours a day right here on my blog and
website.... : > )

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