Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wing Flutter Problems

Chickadees figure into my artwork noticeably and yesterday I completed two 16" canvases that included an image of them in a collage. As I posted the previous entry, I was distracted (enthralled) with the activity at the bird feeder merely a metre
away from me on the other side of the window where I sit at my computer. I had placed the feeder (the first one I've ever had)
in that location over a month ago and it took them that long to notice but now that they do, they literally line up in the
Lilac tree to try to bump each other off. It's killing me that I can't photograph well. Sometimes there are cardinals and chipmunks
all in the same place at the same time...

The title of the collage shown here is "Wing Flutter Problems" an excerpt of the study from the Aeronautical Journal published in the 1930's addressing those concerns is also collaged into the image.


Brian K said...

Hi Joanna! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it!

Your blog and artwork is wonderful! I will be back often.


notmassproduced said...

nice blog and art. especially loving those wands. what a great idea!