Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Looking for Inspiration and Digging for Treasures

Seth Apter from "The Altered Page" has provided us with more inspiration yet again! Tomorrow he will post a list of participating artistic bloggers who will have posted their favorite
blogs from the past. This is a second go around and as I missed participating last week I will take part this time. I have to
say what I found from digging for nuggets of inspiration is a willingness to share techniques and tutorials
and such personal thoughts on what drives the artistic soul that I feel I have a lot to live up to if I'm going to continue to have a blog.
For now I'm posting this image I found while googling interesting faces. A composite of images making up the face of
Adam from da Vinci's Creation of Man.


notmassproduced said...

good for you - i will come and see what you dig up!

Kim said...

How cool is this! Love it!

Mar said...

great mosaic!

Anonymous said...

hi every person,

I identified after previous months and I'm very excited much to commence participating. I are basically lurking for the last month but figured I would be joining and sign up.

I am from Spain so please forgave my speaking english[url=].[/url][url=].[/url][url=].[/url]