Monday, January 15, 2007

My Year of Jewelry Project

I belong to an online group of jewelry designers that has signed up to create one piece of jewelry a week for a year. Each season has a theme but we are free to deviate from the theme if we wish. Here is my posting for this (the second week of the new year). It is 18" in length with two short multi-strand sections and a beaded tassel with a bali sterling silver cone.
The beads are a silver/grey matte, silver lined punctuated with clear silver lined beads. The tassel is made up of the matte silver beads along with pearls and crystal beads of various sizes. It is a nice winter piece to wear or perhaps for the mother of the bride in a winter wedding.......

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

I can never believe how fast the weeks after Christmas fly by....I'm only now starting
to resume the projects I had before...I took pics of the poinsettias along with a grouping of objects and fabrics that I have for future reference but thought I'd start a smaller spin off of the original photos....a bit more tweaking and cropping and I'll start work on this image in includes a photo of the Hudson train station. Something I like doing (using pictures within pictures). I set this still life on the floor and I've been walking around it for days hoping the dogs won't sip from the I'd better move on to the next stage soon so I can reclaim my floor.....