Friday, June 22, 2007

How Artists Color Our Lives

No, I'm not that conceited! This is the title of an interesting internet site on the history of pigments. Make a point of checking this site out - it is incredibly informative.....

Peony Painting

The peonies are just finishing in my garden but live on now in my painting. Here it is, 98% finished. Now I'll compare the painting before me to the reference material (the pics I took of the still life), let it simmer a little bit until I can judge more clearly and put a retouch varnish on it! I'm still always surprised how my first blocking in of colors
(I call it color mapping) and done with wild abandon is still pretty accurate when I return in the later stages. My oil paintings are a counterpoint to my acrylic paintings. I'm rather sedate when painting in oils but am more experimental with acrylics. There are more gestural brush strokes, layers, texture, color, etc. What I'd like to work on now is a stronger brush style. Even all these years later I approach a new painting with trepidation as if unsure that I can pull it off. (I think most artists feel the same way).

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Painting Peonies

I've been showing you the floral inspirations I've photographed, and now I've finally settled on painting peonies this week.
I started it before these flowers actually bloomed so all I had to work with were the leaves. I knew the color palette I wanted to work with and thanks to the weather lately, by the time I really needed to look at the real flowers, our local florist was able to get some. (My own are not particularly colorful but I do enjoy them in my garden). The pic of the painting in the frame is far from finished but I tried it out in the room it was meant for to see how it will look. I'll post the finished painting hopefully in another week.......

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Women In Art

Enjoy this video clip - it is amazing. I particularly enjoy the choice of music. Be patient, it may be a little slow to load, but will be well worth the wait.....