Sunday, July 29, 2007

Studio Tour

I've been told the studio tour brochure is almost finished and I look forward to seeing it. Tour takes place September 29th and 30th, rain or shine. I will post projects I'm working on leading up to the open house and look forward to seeing you. There is a
wonderful selection of artists and sculptors to visit. See for information, maps, etc. and of course if you are local the brochures will be distributed soon.....

Week 27 and 28

Week 27 theme was "Flames of Passion/Fire in the Belly" now there's a theme you can conjure up interesting designs for!
The center pendant is an interesting. A combination of cherry quartz and tiger eye. Can't say for sure if it is created or natural though as I'm still a newbie in jewellery* design. *I seem to still switch between the American and Canadian version of spelling.
A lush tassle of silver hearts, cherry quartz stones and swarovski crystals dangles below along with a battered heart (symbolic of love's tortured ways).
Week 28 was Phoenix and Dragons and all I could think of was something cool when I saw these lampwork beads waiting to be assembled. The cool breath of a heroine that confronts the dragon and extinguishes his flame!? Okay that's definitely reaching for it......however...turquoise and silver are so beautiful together. Lots of pearls and crystals dangle between....Bracelet measures 7 1/4".

Weeks 24, 25 and 26 of the YOJ

Week 24 - Pirates, Shipwrecked (Father's Day) - we certainly had a choice for themes that week.....I had been exploring chainmaille lately and this was my first completed project......It feels wonderful to wear, slinky and substantial. Blue green beads lie between chain segments.
Week 25 Waterfall, Mighty Waters
Not really on theme unless you consider barrells and waterfalls seem to go together?! The organic stones hang from sterling silver rings with turquoise and pearl dangles and a rolo chain.
Week 26 - Beach Party
Well anything goes for this theme!....and that week I was making these Mother of Pearl braceletes with a centered segment of
dangly bits of pearl, crystals and stones. A fun bracelet to make and wear.....

YOJ Week 20, 21 and 22

Coral Reef or Beach Scene was the theme for week 20 and this is what I came up with. A coral floral! alternating with coral crystal beads....I think these stones are fossil beads and were wire wrapped in sterling silver....
Week 21 Ocean Deep, Big Blue and these lampwork beads that I made feel very much like the ocean. The focal pendant is
PMC fine silver that I call a "fragment" with a bit of text and the texture with its swirls add to the wave feeling. The lampwork alterntes with blue/green beads and a SS butterfly and sunface.
Week 22 Water to Drink was the theme and the dichroic cabachon bezel set in sterling silver is delicious. The depth of the glass sparkles. The rope is hand crocheted seed beads with Bali SS end caps and venetian glass hearts.....

Weeks 17, 18 & 19 of the YOJ

When I fail to come up with a piece to follow the theme I can always come up with these fibulas (pins). I LOVE making them.
This one uses an articulated fish in turquoise and brass tones. The wire is brass as well..
For Mother's Day, a simple pendant using sterling silver and swarovski crystal heart and freshwater pearls...and finally I found these wonderful turquoise organically shaped stones that do remind me of tide pools....since this pic was taken I have re-worked this design to include three of these stones so there is more stone and less chain...I'm much happier with it now and will post the new pic soon.....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Weeks 14, 15 and 16 of the Year of Jewelry

We're into Spring at this point and the themes are of water:
Week 14 - April showers bring May flowers - couldn't get that little rhyme out of my head when trying to design this piece
so I took it quite literally and embossed the links with those words alternating with a little bouquet of pink glass flowers.
Week 15 - Often simple is the prettiest - and was a cinch to fit into the theme of Drifting, Sea Foam, Rolling Waves.
Week 16 - Ripples, Depths and Shallows - I had this piece of silver that I tried reticulating (torched until almost molten) and it
fit the Ripples theme very well I thought.

Weeks 11, 12 and 13 of the Year of Jewelry

Week 11 I submitted a crochet and pearl necklace in bronze and gold tones with two oval faceted carnelian stones wrapped in a herringbone pattern with sterling silver wire.
Week 12 is of copper, forged and wire wrapped with pearls and crystals. It actually started out as a pair of earrings!
Week 14 has a two-by-two chain and wire wrapped spirals of sterling silver with aqua stones, as well as a pair of wire wrapped hand made glass beads.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Year of Jewelry - Part III

This one is one of my favorites - a glass charm with a baby photo of my dad...

Week nine was a collection of handmade glass pendants...

...and the grey tabs with dangles is called "Atmosphere"

Year of Jewelry Summary - Part II

Stormy Weather

Wild Winter Winds - this is what I did while the "Wild Winter Winds blew". :>}

Year of Jewelry Summary

Here is a summary of pics posted for the Year of Jewelry Forum that I belong to - we had themes we could follow, but only as an option: The following themes were: Morning Zephyr, Kisses in the Mist, Flight, Faerie Wings & Baby's Breath. If you haven't already picked up on the common thread, the theme is based on the elements and this quarter represented Wind.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ocean Blue

Blue glass is always wonderful to look at. I've used up all my blue lampwork beads making two necklaces...this is one of them.
Pairs up beautifully with it's time to hit the torch and make some more......problem is I get easily distracted by the
other colors of glass rods...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Two new necklaces....

Two new necklaces that I've added to my Etsy shop. The first one is a 40" plus beaded crochet lariat that is great to wear with jeans. It has a supple, sensuous feel to it too. The other is a triple strand of pearls alternating with hex cut bronze tube beads that glint and glitter...a nice counterpoint to the lustre of pearls. The pearl colors are pinks and shades of bronze and moss green. A nice departure from the usual pearl necklace......