Sunday, September 30, 2007

Studio Tour!

Wow, it's Sunday and Day 2 of the open studio tour.......exhausting, but now I'm at the halfway point and all the hard work is behind me and I get to fine tune the display. People have been wonderful and I'm looking forward to today! I'll post pics
later on....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wing Flutter Problems

Just finished.....I'm pouring myself another cup of coffee, one last self critique and then it goes into the frame....
Having access to many vintage aviation books, I came across this excerpt on "Wing Flutter" problems and loved the idea
of an avian subject over this as a mixed media piece. Many more will follow....
P.S. that bit of pink in the upper right corner is part of my tablecloth and NOT part of the painting.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Photo Imagery in My Paintings and Jewellery

I've probably mentioned this here in my blog before but as I'm pulling together a collection of both art and jewellery for this
weekend's open studio tour I found myself using photo imagery more and more. Art and jewellery are both very personal choices and made even stronger by the inclusion of something of yourself. Of course I accept commissioned work to be
able to do just that. How many wonderful vintage photos are left sitting in drawers when they could be telling their story?

Saturday, September 22, 2007


When working with acrylics I'll often spend a session just preparing backgrounds and get so enamored of the resulting colors
and textures that I find it hard to move on. Taking photos of these backgrounds can often result in color schemes for paintings at a later date and are a visual treat for me. Glass is another medium that shows color at its' best. I love wearing
this necklace. Each glass bead is made on my torch and annealed in a kiln for strength and durability and the chain is forged sterling silver.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I promised to upload a piece of jewelry and a painting each day until the studio tour and already I'm a day late! here goes..
a wonderful burnt orange "donut" stone wire wrapped with three carnelian dangles below and sterling silver chain.
The collage is a fun little diversion from the large florals I've been doing and I'm rather hooked on them. All those wonderful
little bits of hand painted papers and textures I can now use.....a sort of paper quilt. The image is of our train station here in Hudson which was converted into the Village Theatre. Hudson is a picturesque village on the Lake of Two Mountains and provides me with much inspiration every season of the year. It is the sort of place that if you grew up here you want to come back to so this little collage is a bit of a story of returning home.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall Studio Tour Sneak Peek

I've been so busy pulling together paintings and jewelry designs for the tour that I've totally neglected my my intention is to post one painting and one piece of jewelry per day that will be shown during the weekend tour September 29th and 30th.
For those who can't be there it will be my way of bringing the tour to you (at least my little part of it).
The painting shown here is not finished but I'm confident enough of it's outcome at this point to show it. It is actually done from a photo I took of the same tree of pink blossoms that produced the painting I uploaded to my blog a short while ago. This time I digitally changed the pink blossoms to white (and all the wonderful colors that white actually contains - almost a prism
of colors).
Here is a bracelet, crocheted around a sterling silver core so it feels like a bangle really, and contains an assortment of seed beads and pearls ending with lucite beads and sterling silver filigree caps. Created months apart from the painting, you'd think I had a color theme going!