Friday, May 15, 2009

Needle pulling thread.......

I've always been attracted to needlework even though I constantly struggle with a needle and thread. This is a project that
looks complicated but isn't really. I'm just at the point of finishing the edges which I haven't quite figured out yet. The clasp
portion will be separate and connected with a beaded strand. And then I have to decide to fringe or not...
This is something that would be great to wear with a simple white blouse and jeans.
It's sitting on an oil painting that's not quite finished yet.

All Things Knitting

I looove marzipan. What other food can you enjoy and create art with? I found this on
Never did I think vegan could be so delicious!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Knitting and Crocheting......Whaaaaat?

Back in January I thought it would be fun to do a few knitting and crocheting projects. I became hooked (excuse the pun)
A few crochet flowers, followed by some "scarflettes", smaller, tidier versions of scarves to be embellished with the crochet
flowers, followed by fingerless gloves (I made six pairs). And then felting! I had to try felting. I've always loved fabric and fibre
and felting is so much fun. I had to tear myself away to get back to my jewelry work and yet again to my paintings.
Wish I didn't have to sleep....

....and I thought the Fall season was busy!

I'm half way through my Spring and Summer Studio location at Galerie Mouche on Cameron. A little hard to get into the groove
working in a different location away from home but a change is good. I've been more productive which is what I'd hoped for.
I started with watercolors because they were easier to transport and set up, even though I'm doing a lot of mixed media work at the moment. A new flower shop has opened across the street and I purchased some beautiful roses the week before Mother's Day and immediately set up painting them.
I love the "Bonne Maman" jams and jellies and often use the empty jars as a vase because I like the calligraphy. Tricky though
trying to translate that in a painting which I'm about to do with the Rose one. Here is another version using daisies....
And now the garden has produced flowers which I try to capture as they come and go.....Tulips, my favorite and soon the lilacs.