Friday, July 11, 2008

Catch up Week....

This was my week to get caught up on smaller projects. I started out ecstatic about the first few beads I made with my new torch, and then turned out more than a few "not so great" looking ones.....but determined not to walk away discouraged, kept at it until I had a few I was pleased with. Haven't taken those pics yet but I'll do that this weekend. I've been following Kate's blog
on her photography of all things green last week followed by orange this week and it reminded me of an entry I made last year of an interesting website about color, or more precisely paint pigments. Being a novice at blogging at the time I didn't think to put it in as a link, so I went back in time to do just that and I've listed it in "More interesting places to visit".

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kate said...

Thanks for that link about colour. Very interesting! Looking forward to some photos of the stuff you did with your torch.