Friday, November 08, 2013

November Geraniums

November Geraniums
10" x 10" oil on wood panel 3/4" deep

They've come inside for the winter.  I'm not that good with geraniums indoors but they have carried
on their momentum in my paintings.  

I was delayed in finishing this one because I searched for a vivid pink (something like Opera which is almost fluorescent).  Not finding any, I used Permanent Rose and lightened it with Gamblin's Radiant Magenta.  A warmer pink than I was aiming for but decided to go ahead and finish this one.  I am happiest with the cluster of petals on the right.  I'm still enjoying (because it's new to me) painting
silver objects.  


Diana Marshall said...

You certainly have mastered painting silver objects, lovely painting and composition. I know what you mean about pinks, I had the same problem painting roses recently, let me know if you find that elusive pink paint.

Joanna Olson said...

Hi Diana
Thanks for the comment. I'm going to try Rose Violet next and see if that gives me the geranium pink I'm looking for without being too blue.