Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where There's a Will....


It doesn't seem right that I don't know his name.  I will look into that.  This was the image I was referring to that I initially had trouble with...the small size and low dpi (dots per inch at only 72).  But I went back to it and worked it out.  I really had to guess that he was a very light blonde in strong sunlight with a lot of greeny blue ambient light on one side of him.  I realized that even if the clarity wasn't there, it would be like squinting and seeing only the major
elements.  I like it now.  As always there are little things I will go back and correct but otherwise I think I captured a good likeness.

And this was another cherished member of the family.  Easier to do.  I quite like how he turned out.  I never considered myself to be a dog portraitist but so far so good.

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