Saturday, February 09, 2013

My new interest.....

Enamel on Copper
5" x 5" 

I was going to say passion but it may be a tad early to say it with that much conviction.  Having familiarized myself with glass work and using a torch and kiln to create glass beads, put me in a good position to try my hand at enamelling.  I have experimented with small pieces to use in creating jewelry but this is the first time I have created this size (5" x 5").  I am intrigued and have plans for more.  I love this stage of learning something new.  A sketchpad is always close at hand to plan out ideas (although I seem to come up with great ideas in the shower)   .

Funny anecdote about this piece.  Because I create jewelry out of copper, I needed a small bit to make a clasp and sawed off a piece in the upper right corner.  This was before I decided to try my hand at an art piece.  When the
time came to look through my stash of copper sheets, I chastised myself for
hastily using a perfect 5" square sheet when I could have easily found something in my discard pile.  And that's when the idea came to me to add an embellishment and interest to the piece.  At first it was going to be a little copper bird but I decided on making a leaf. It is not yet fired in place but soon will be and I am now planning to do this to others as soon as I purchase my new kiln.  It does look like this could become a new "passion".........  .

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