Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My other favorite thing....

Scissors on Patchwork
6" x 6" Oil on Wood Cradled Panel

Late last summer I drove to Kennebunkport, Maine and spotted these scissors in a little home decor boutique that was about to close down.  I only bought the one pair but now I wish I had bought several.  I enjoy sewing but I enjoy fabric shopping even more.  These scissors just called out to be painted as I walked past my sewing machine and enjoyed the look of the brass against the patterns of the fabric.  I'm sure they will make their way into more paintings in the near future. 


Sherry said...

I love that you can take two mediums and combine them...scissors for fabric that you turned into painted art. That's true talent! And a love of art!

Joanna Olson said...

Thanks Sherry. It is nice to be able to bring the two together. Every time I think I am spreading myself too thin by indulging in other pastimes, I remind myself that the thirst for knowledge can lead to interesting combinations.