Sunday, August 01, 2010

Street Fair and Finished Paintings...

I'm beginning to feel the rumble of activity as the summer enters the later stages.  Paintings for Fall shows and exhibitions are on my mind now.  Experimenting with new media has to be put on the back burner.  Time to get some serious painting done.
One requested painting from the Spring has been finished.   Cooper is now framed and
resides on the mantle at Rod and Linda's.

The Hudson Street Fair and Music Festival winds down today.   Three hundred plus people came to visit the Hudson Artist Association's Summer gallery in the beautifully renovated main street building formerly known as Legg's Clothing Store and now called The Hudson Mews and I had the pleasure of
sitting in the gallery yesterday.  I enjoyed the meet and greet along with Derek Halbert and it was a pleasure to hear the wonderful comments that the space and artwork from the 25 participating artists
received.  I even managed to get some little watercolors done as people drifted by.

This is a little 4" square watercolor that I'll have in my Etsy shop in the next few days.  A few people echoed my thoughts that they liked the little squiggles to the left as well!  It reminds me of the calligraphic watercolors of Raoul Dufy and incidentally of an artist I came across just this week by the name of Brenda Behr.  I am on a bit of a watercolor streak right now and think I might continue this
small format to capture some of the current summer flowers.  The deep pink phlox come to mind....

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