Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall Preview

As an artist (artisan) I create on a daily basis and I'm not sure if I'm early (I doubt that I am) but thought I'd put up a preview of art work to come this Fall and Winter.  Some items that I've been working on to compliment the silver and glass jewellery that I've been doing will be hand crafted/painted earring stands to add some art work to your dressing table.  Small vessels to contain jewellery, small scale collages of local scenes, and I'm indulging in some fiber art with the creation of felt and silk flowers to make wearable art as well as jewellery pouches to store special pieces.  There is often a theme of birds running through my jewellery and painting such as the silver and pearl nest pendants and the soft sculpture nest/containers as in my photo.  Watch this space for more notices on what's new in my studio....

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