Friday, March 05, 2010


I'm tackling several issues all at once. I kept promising myself I'd do more sketching, work in my journals, paint some ACEO's (Art cards, editions and originals) and have done just that. These
are addictive. I've learned a lot from painting in this size. Here are just a few. They are now
listed in my Etsy shop too....
(The first two have sold)


frannie said...

Beautiful portraits, Joanna. How do ACEOs work? Do you sell the originals and trade the editions? I trade ATCs but am unfamiliar with ACEOs.

Joanna Olson said...

Thank you Fran...originally ATC's were meant to be traded only but soon after those artist's who wanted to sell their cards started the Artist Cards Editions and Originals with that option. I did attend the ATC swap in Dunvegan with Kate about a year and a half ago and
I'd love to do it again.