Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Studio Tour Preview

With the Studio Tour here in Hudson coming up at the end of September (last weekend) I thought I'd use my blog
to introduce the new projects I'll be working on and that will be on view. Stay tuned as I'll be taking pics of what I'm currently working on and posting them soon! Currently on my easel is a laaarge scale view of a flowering tree that is outside one of the best café/bakeries off the island of Montreal. Every Spring the eye level pink blossoms beg to be photographed and
that is my inspiration. This one as you see it here is perhaps two thirds finished. (I shouldn't even let you see it yet!) Flower subjects are always present in my studio but this year I promised myself I would work on
landscapes.....so I am prepping my next canvas for that. Pics to be uploaded soon!

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