Saturday, March 18, 2017

Well Hello Again

I can't believe I skipped over the entire Christmas season 2016 and am well into 2017.  It didn't feel right not being here so here I am jumping back in again.  Probably the main reason I haven't been here is that I've been using Instagram a lot more and October through to the end of the year is always so busy preparing for shows and exhibits and finally family time.

January of any year means to me a time to indulge in new pursuits and do tutorials and experiments with new media.  I'd have to say needlework was probably what I spent time with this year and I want to get comfortable with some of these new approaches so I can easily transition between textile work and painting.

So here is what I did a little bit of last month....some wet felting and wool embroidery.

Color, no matter what format, is so enticing whether it comes out of a tube or from a spool....I love it.

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