Thursday, July 09, 2015

Some of my favourite things.....

These peonies were left from our backyard wedding and were the most spectacular I had ever seen.  I photographed them for days hoping to have at least one image I could paint from. (I think I do).  The chickadee is a collage from a series started last year.  I picked it up again and have created a few more.  Each time, I marvel at how much I learn when I work in a series.  My santos doll doesn't have to have a purpose.  She has an air of grace and beauty.  I have great plans for her.   The portrait of the little girl I just couldn't part with.  Her intense gaze pulls you in. 

Wow, I just realized this is my 400th post!

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France Bessodes said...

What a nice set-up. I love the composition.