Friday, July 04, 2014

Something I've been meaning to do....

For various reasons I've been making painted papers over the years and for some reason, I haven't had a reason to use them.   Some papers I like so much as is that I hesitate to tear them apart.  But this time I felt motivated enough to make this little collage of a chickadee.  Funny enough, most of my papers were of very saturated high key colours (which were fun to make) but for this collage I need mostly neutrals.  It doesn't take much but it's nice to have a ready assortment to pick and choose from.  So having done this one, I'm going to make a few more.  But not before I make another assortment of beautiful neutrals.  Once I've completed a few more, I'll put these up as prints and notecards in my Etsy shop which I've sadly neglected in recent months.

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