Friday, December 27, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened....

This is the beginning of a  9" x 12" oil painting of our daughter Emilie looking at a painting of
Winslow Homer's "The Fog Warning" at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. We lingered in front of that one because it resonated with my husband (retired airline captain) as it represented the many times he had to calculate safe approaches into unfamiliar airports with heavy weather approaching.  We left the museum with our purchase of that poster.  It was left in various corners and closets waiting to be framed until I decided this would be a good Christmas present.  Then I remembered the photo I took of Emilie and thus began the theme for this year's gifts.  Now retired my husband had mentioned on more than one occasion the desire to try fly fishing.  The fishing rod became his main gift supported by the framed poster and my rendition of that day at the museum.  It's always fun when that happens.  So this week, I will continue and hopefully finish the year with this painting. (I had to wrap it in this half finished state!)

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