Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nearing Completion

                                      Pears in Silver Bowl on blue Gingham
                                        36" square on stretched canvas

Finished!....for now.  I'm at that super critical stage and can't seem to turn it off.  But if I had to walk away from it now, I think it's finished......

nearing completion

Trying not to get too attached to this one but I do love the ochre and blue color theme.  But it was commissioned so I won't have it too much longer.  I feel the need to add another twiggy branch coming out of the vase to fill in that upper left corner.  The pear on the right needs to be shaped and a little softening of the edges on the pear on the left.  And then the final punches of hilights on the silver bowl.  I love that part.

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