Saturday, December 01, 2012

December 1st!!!

I worked on some new sketches to add to my fabric project.  I will likely add more new dog breeds like Yorkies and Dachsunds.  The ones you see here are
from the top, German Pointer, lower left, a Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever,
and a Boxer.

I can never get over how quickly time flies once November is over!.  It's already too late to add to my Etsy shop and shipping will be hard to predict.
Luckily my project is a local one and is doing well with more new plans for it in 2013.

This morning I prepped three new 6" x 6"'s too so I will start my day tomorrow by working on these oils...a commission to paint three beautiful
Ragdoll cats.  This is a breed I had only recently became aware of.  All Ragdoll
cats have blue eyes and beautiful long hair so they will be a pleasure to paint.

So I have dogs to sketch and cats to paint!.....and Christmas presents to shop for, baking to do, wrapping gifts, cards to wri.............

And as time is flying...I have added a link to my 2013 Calendar available in
my Etsy shop.  It is at the top of the list of links to the left.

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SYLVIANE said...

They are beautiful!