Saturday, June 09, 2012

Back tracking...

Before the series of red tulips I had painted more daffodils, one of which I had posted.  This one is 6" x 12" tall.  I guess since I had pointed out how often I liked to use this porcelain rabbit,  I thought I should post this one too.  The sunlight happened to light up this little tableau on my ledge and I reached for my camera.  I'll have to remember to keep some daffodil paintings to light up my desk area in the greyer months of winter.
Every Saturday morning here in town, there is a second hand shop that opens it's doors for two hours from 10:00 a.m. until noon.  I've been going there for years and find the most wonderful things (like this rabbit).  This morning I bought a porcelain cat in a wonderful shade of gray that I'm looking forward to arranging as well as some great baskets and if I don't delay I should be able to collect some peonies to arrange in these baskets before their bloom time is over.  It's hard to keep up with what's blooming, arranging, photographing, filing away for future reference and prepping canvases!

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Jill Banks said...

Just found your site, Joanna, and love your writing and art. I'm inspired by my own bunnies, collected around the house, and thought you might like taking a look at "Honey Bunny" -- a still life with a furrier version.You can see it on my web site at

The idea of daffodils blooming on a still life to cure the winter blues is a winner, too. Love your chair. Hope you had a good event.

Jill Banks