Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tulip Time

I don't have many tulips in my garden so I was happy to see the few that I have blooming their hearts out until I discovered several cut off midway up the stem.  I can only assume the local rabbit population has also been enjoying them.  So I felt less guilty about gathering them all up and bringing them inside. (Believe it or not I do feel guilty even though I get to enjoy them up close).  I could never scold my daughter when she was five and proudly showed me armfuls of garden flowers cut just for me.  I was glad she could do what I
had trouble doing.  So this painting is fresh off the easel and will be followed by a few more of the same grouping.  I had four or five from this last photo
shoot that I'd like to do while I still have the color palette available.

Red Tulips in Blue and White Jug
Oil "6 x 6" x 1.5"
wood cradled panel


SYLVIANE said...

Your tulips are lovely, Joanna,with this brigh orange, and I downloaded your May's calendar as a desktop, thank you!

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

soooo beautiful!