Thursday, February 09, 2012

Emilie at Three

On the Garden Path
12" x 14" Oil

As mentioned in previous posts, I have been exploring new creative paths since early January.  My brushes and paints are never far from reach as I've used them to create backgrounds for digital art and painted fabrics for art quilts but nothing that fit into the theme of my blog so I've neglected posting.  I've acquired some new skills and want to make sure I apply them (in other words see them through to the end result so I don't acquire more half finished projects).  But      I miss being here so I am going to post an image of one of the very few palette knife paintings I ever did.  This one is of my daughter at the age of three.  (She's now 24).  I don't like how I handled the garden part but I am happy with the painting over all.   I think that's because of the texture of the knife.  Texture was something I set out to introduce into my painting last year and I sort of succeeded.  As the year progressed though I slid back into my comfort zone.  Supposedly quick 6" x 6"'s became more complex and I labored (bad choice of words because I loved every minute) over them too long.   So like this painting of Emilie on a garden path, I will return to my own creative path to looser, more spontaneous brush strokes......

but first I need to finish some more projects...... 

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