Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can you hear me now?

I would imagine they said that a lot way back when they used this kind of telephone.  I love my iPhone but this is a thing of beauty.  Painted in oils on stretched canvas. 
Can you hear me now?
Oil 8" x 8"

Funny, when I was uploading this image to this blog I looked at the dial and thought I had made an error when painting the letters on the dial.  I had never questioned it before but it looks as if it starts with DEF.  I brought up the original photo I had taken and sure enough I had painted it correctly.  I can only imagine that at the slight angle the letters ABC are down and to the right and out of view.  Either that or the card that it was printed on so long ago has slipped out of place.  In any case it is a  quirk but not an error. Just saying..... : > )


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JeMA said...

I agree, there is beauty to this phone design. Love the browns and blues in your painting, makes it feel inviting.