Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I return to my blog with a heavy heart.  The passing of my mother the third week of January has left me with sadness.   I want to return here and continue posting but didn't feel I could forego mentioning that.  My blog is an extension of myself and to have glossed over that would have felt unrealistic.  As someone recently told me,  I should dedicate my creativity to her memory and her love will be my catalyst.  I will return to posting this week.


Nancy said...

I am touched by your blog post about your Mom. I too lost my mother this winter. She had COPD and caught pneumonia right after the new year. She was scheduled to go home the day after she passed..passed away in her sleep. She is where I got my creativity and my art from knitting, crocheting to painting. I have been on a creative journey since her passed, with renewed vigor of expression from art journals, to craft and painting. I hope you find your way through this winter of loss. A mother is the most precious gift a child could have.

Every time I pick up my paint brush, knitting needle or crochet hook, I will think of her. Every time I see a rose or a peony, or a 4 o'clock, I will think of her. You will find things too that will touch you and you will have her in your heart.

susan armstrong said...

What a lovely tribute to your Mom, Joanna. She must have been a proud of you as you are of her. I hope your paintings, family and doggie will give you comfort! Love susan xox