Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mmm, shrimp for dinner....

I thought I'd go out and take pictures of what's blooming before the heat gets to everything.
I found these petunias this year at my local garden nursery that I'd never seen before.  I loved the pale yellow and magenta combination but when I got them home and planted them I was less than impressed by the wishy washy look but then once they asserted themselves in the container and meshed with the other plants, I realized why I liked them so much.  The magenta isn't predictable which I like about it.
This one has painting possibities...
P.S.  The title reference is because of the shrimp compost that peaks out from below... : > )

On another note, I discovered Accuradio (I posted a link in my sidebar) has an all Glee channel.
Makes me happy.... : > )  Funny - as I write this "True Colors" by Cindy Lauper is playing on
Accuradio.  How appropriate!  ....and now my favorite guest artist on Glee (Kristin Chenowith) is
singing "Fire"....foot's tapping and I'm dancing in my seat.......

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