Friday, May 28, 2010

On my desktop....

Bringing the outside in....

Trying to make time to sketch and paint is not easy when there's planting to be done in addition to everything else. (Not that I'm planting fields or anything)  This really captures the flavor
of the season....bringing little specimens of what's blooming outside in to be recorded into my sketchbooks.  Sketching doesn't
come easy to me.....but I've missed the learning experience that happens when working in sketchbooks and have looked at artists who use theirs regularly with envy.  It's funny, I think I actually cherish my few sketchbooks even more than my most challenging paintings.

P.S.  The sepia photo that is collaged onto the flower pot is of
my dad sitting on his mother's knee.  I've used that photo many
times in various media.

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