Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Baking

Getting caught up with painting and jewelry, I'm turning my attention to some Christmas baking. The first two of this season and this time I am going to keep photo records of what I'm making. These don't stay around for long! I used to freeze baking as I completed it but with everything out during Christmas week there's really too much so now we just eat it fresh from the oven...
The two cookies are worth making again soon. One being an apricot thumbprint cookie and the other "snowballs". Festive enough just to look at it but they also taste wonderful. The third recipe is something only made for Christmas as it is labor intensive. Called a Baumkuchen, the multiple layers are broiled and layered with apricot puree and ground almonds. Each layer is broiled for only one to two minutes. The glaze is a ganache for an intense chocolate flavor.

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