Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Season of "Busy"

But in this case "busy" translates into being creatively busy. Asked to create some Christmas cards for a new local stationary and art supply shop, I took to the task with enthusiasm. Here is one of the latest designs (I'll post a few more soon). This one
features a photo of a view known to Hudsonites as we drive along the Lake of Two Mountains and see the Oka church.
A lovely sight in any season. The bird, I have to admit is not native to our area, but was used for it's suitable color. Something
which I will tweak on the second go-around. The process is addictive as it starts out with hand painted papers followed by
some loose collage and scanned into Photoshop to continue digitally by adding the fonts. This is my little segue from
jewelry design and painting. ( if I needed to segue!)

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