Monday, August 25, 2008

What I'm Learning from "The Pulse" Survey

This is going to be a learning experience....Joining a group such as this is like an portraying an internal self portrait. Already I've learned something about myself from the question about collections. Personally, anything in groups of three is on its way to being considered a collection, which means that I have quite a few collections on the go. But what would I consider indispensable, can't live without/walk away from, N E E D.....and I'm surprised that somewhere along the way I've stopped putting so much emphasis on "things". I look at the photo of the items that I "collect" and they're very sentimental and of the past and yet what excites me in subject matter is becoming more abstract, even non-representational. I think I'm even learning to "live in the moment". There are "things" that I do covet, but nothing that you can pick up and hold. Like time......I need time to paint, to carry out ideas without having to shelve them waiting for a more convenient time... to acquire knowledge and refine skills. This is very freeing (is that a word?) Then after that I'd like to acquire a sense of balance, because without that the mind becomes encumbered with lists of things to do.
So there it is, the new "things" I want to acquire - time, knowledge, new collection.

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kate said...

I love the idea about collecting intangibles. Your list is an excellent one. I need to collect each of those as well!