Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've worked on several variations on these blossoms from photos taken last year from these wonderful little trees just outside my favorite local café. Working on them kept me in "flowers" over a very long winter.....and as I put my brushes down to take a break after completing this one today, I stepped outside into 30 degree temperatures!

I thought I'd experiment and see if I could upload my own little videos taken on my Sony Cybershot digital camera....and it works!
This video was taken last summer and features my two little doxies (Maggie and Penny) hanging out at their favorite pond (right outside our back door). Absolutely enthralled with the gold fish that seem to be attracted to Maggie's ears floating on the surface, the fish flock to her which keeps her entertained. I worried about her falling in and drowning only to find out she can
quite comfortably stand on her hind legs so I made some underwater steps to facilitate her walking out on her own.

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