Friday, March 21, 2008

Where to Start?!

Well! ... since my last entry, I've enjoyed creating in the quiet depths of winter - venturing out only when I have to. This is the first full day of Spring and the sun is shining (which I'm grateful that I can see considering my ground floor windows are half obscured by snow).

A short trip to Barbados (left in the middle of a snowstorm!) to clear the mind, top up on inspiration and feel what it's like to be
warm again..... a walk on the beach and I found this little art installation someone put together of these little
colorful barrettes decorating this tree. I love the little blackbirds that hover around the terrace. I'm sure the staff are amused by how amused we are as they swoop around the tables. And we won't even talk about how beautiful the sand and surf was....

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